Special Equity

Initiation Fee: $5,000 (payable over two years); Must join by September 30, 2017 to receive this discount!
Current initiation fee is $8,000

Dues: $5,500 (first year's dues)
Current dues are $9,350

Note: Dues may be paid in installments providing all dues are paid in full by July 20th. Installment schedule is 40% billed in February payable by March 20th, 30% billed in April payable by May 20th and 30% billed in June payable by July 20th.

Activities Fee: $225 (1st bag storage, pro shop charges, prize fund, hole in one, tennis / pool / dining room activities)

Family Minimum: 3/1 – 8/31 $700 and 9/1 – 2/28 $500

Single Minimum: 50% of the family dining minimum for single members with no significant other or guest of choice: 3/1 – 8/31 $350 and 9/1 – 2/28 $250

Surcharge: 23.5% surcharge is added to all food and beverage sales. This is not based on your individual food and beverage consumption. It is 23.5% of total club food and beverage sales divided by the total membership; therefore, each member pays the same amount.

Assessments: Up to $118 - 58% of the general membership

Guests: Unlimited and in accordance with Club Rules and Regulations.

Privileges: Full access to all facilities at all times.
Two votes per membership.
Full equity in the Club.
May serve on Board and Committees.

Eligibility: New applicants only, not available to current equity members. Current seasonal, affiliate and pool/dining members allowed to convert. Application is subject to recommendation of Membership Committee and approval of Board.

Term: One fiscal year, non-renewable. Membership begins 3/1/17 and expires 2/28/18.

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