Initiation Fee: Not applicable

Dues: $1,960 (20% of full general membership)

Activities Fee: Not applicable.

Dining Minimum:
$450 for season

Surcharge: 23.5% surcharge is added to all food and beverage sales. This is not based on your individual food and beverage consumption.  It is 23.5% of total club food and beverage sales divided by the total membership; therefore, each member pays the same amount.

Assessments: Up to $40 - 20% of full general membership assessment.

Guests: Unlimited and in accordance with Club Rules and Regulations. 

Use of all facilities from September 15th – May 15th each year
- Not eligible to vote.
- Not entitled to equity in the Club. 
- May serve on Committees during membership period, but may not serve on the Board.

Eligibility: Application is subject to recommendation of Membership Committee and approval of Board.

Term: Renewable yearly (reviewable and renewable solely at Board discretion) 


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